Book: Guide to Space

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Guide to Space: A Photographic Journey Through the Universe

Author: Peter Bond
Publisher: DK CHILDREN

A look at space that’s out of this world! The DK Guide to Space takes the reader on a fascinating journey through our universe, using the latest space photography from the Hubble Telescope in a large format to create a dramatic guide to the exploration of space. The NASA photographs are supported by clear artwork explaining complex ideas. Space exploration, astronomy, and cosmology are explored in clear, concise text. Packed with information, this stunning photographic book will capture the imagination of both space enthusiasts and those who are just beginning to learn about our universe. Stunning presentation of the latest NASA and Hubble telescope photography. Over 300 dazzling color photographs.


If you’re a space fanatic, you’ll love this big guide to all things astronomical. All the heavenly bodies in our solar system—all nine planets and their moons, comets, asteroids, and the sun—are shown in amazing photos and illustrations that give you a feel for what they’re like up close. You’ll also find out about objects far away from our little planet, like distant stars, nebulas, and galaxies, with telescope images and incredible facts. For instance, did you know that Eta Carinae is the weirdest star known to science? It’s being torn apart by constant explosions, and it’s the only star known to emit natural laser light! You’ll find out how a star is born, how it dies, and how galaxies full of stars fit into the universe. The last part of the book tells the story of human efforts to learn about space, from rockets and shuttles to space stations, satellites, and radio telescopes listening for alien broadcasts. DK Guide to Space is filled with color photos of cool things like Jupiter’s Great Red Spot, Mexican Hat galaxies, and the freeze-dried food astronauts eat. It’s a great reference for space nuts. (Ages 9 to 12) —Therese Littleton

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