Book: Hanging Out With the Dream King

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Hanging Out With the Dream King: Interviews with Neil Gaiman and His Collaborators

Author: Joe McCabe
Publisher: Fantagraphics Books

The most intimate look yet into the life and mind of the bestselling author and creator of The Sandman.

Neil Gaiman is one of the most successful and versatile writers working today. He has become renowned not only for the consistently high quality of his writing but for his mastery of many media. He is an award-winning comic book writer (Sandman), novelist (American Gods), children’s book author (The Wolves in the Walls), and television screenwriter (Neverwhere). Yet with all the fans hungry to know more about his work, there has not yet been a single major nonfiction book covering Gaiman’s entire creative output. Until now.

Hanging Out With the Dream King: Conversations With Neil Gaiman and His Collaborators presents a thorough look at Gaiman’s work not only through his eyes, but through the eyes of his many collaborators. Artists, writers, editors, musicians—over two-dozen creators share their thoughts on working with Gaiman and present a unique mosaic portrait of the writer whose name has become synonymous with modern fantasy.

Although the book’s scope is not limited to Gaiman’s best-selling comic book creation The Sandman, Hanging Out With the Dream King features comprehensive interviews with all of the major Sandman artists, including Charles Vess, P. Craig Russell, Bryan Talbot, and Jill Thompson, as well as well as rare and exclusive interviews with Sandman co-creators Sam Kieth and Mike Dringenberg.

And, much as Gaiman has done throughout his career, Hanging Out With the Dream King breaks down the walls of media and genre, presenting those who may have discovered the writer’s work through one storytelling medium with doors through which they may find his other prodigious creations. Thus, admirers of Gaiman’s children’s books with Dave McKean will discover his adult work with Gene Wolfe and Terry Pratchett; fans of his novels will discover his comics; and everyone will have the chance to meet Gaiman’s folk-rock bands—the Flash Girls and Folk Underground. Musicians Alice Cooper and Tori Amos are also interviewed.

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