Book: Home on the Bayou

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Home on the Bayou: A Cowboy's Story

Author: G. Brian Karas
Publisher: Simon & Schuster (Juv)

When you take an original, lasso-throwing, boot-stomping cowboy, pack all his belongs in the car and move him from the wide open spaces of the West to swamp country, you can expect run-ins with the local alligators, a snafu or two at home, and a western-style showdown with Big Head Ed, the school bully. A cowboy of uncommon bravery discovers that with the right ingredients, home can be anywhere.


Pity poor Ned. He’s a right fine little cowpoke, but life has been a bit of a rough ride lately. For one thing, his favorite toy has gone missing. And his mother has uprooted him and moved the family off to different pastures. In his new hometown, a bully is making Ned’s life miserable. Never fear, however. Ned has the spirit of the Old West in him. Wielding a garden hose instead of a lariat, he puts that bully in his place and then makes things right with his mom. Home on the Bayou is a solid romp for any kid—buckaroo or not—who has had to deal with adversity.

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