Book: I Will Rise

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I Will Rise

Author: Michael Louis Calvillo
Publisher: Lachesis Publishing

Upon death, a bitter, societal outcast named Charles is given the ability to annihilate the human race. Risen and relishing the opportunity to make the world suffer, he embraces his bloody destiny, but as his killing touch spreads death and destruction, his new status affords unexpected human interaction. Second thoughts surmount as he falls for Annabelle, a fiery redhead tasked with guiding Charles and orchestrating mayhem. As feelings deepen, Charles wonders: Has he been excluded by society or is his lonely existence a product of his own narrow ignorance? As realization flowers and regrets begin to surface a choice must be made between the legion of the dead and the pleas of the living.

Does all of humanity really deserve to perish at his hands? Is it too late for Charles to defy death, escape meat cleaver wielding pro-human maniacs, prevent zombie hordes from rising and stop the cataclysmic forces raging inside his body? Is it too late to discover purpose and rejoin the ranks of the living? Unfortunately, Charles is already dead. Unfortunately, even if Charles could find a way to throw his deathly state in to reverse, Annabelle isn’t having it. Driven by anti-human rhetoric, red herrings and forces unbeknownst to Charles, she wants to see the world suffer and die so badly her insides jitterbug madly when she envisions the infinite end.

I Will Rise is an apocalyptic love story about faithlessness in humanity, personal insecurity and destructive choice in a world where symmetry rules and contentment within one’s own skin is nearly impossible. Funky, grotesque and ferocious, I Will Rise is a rollercoaster ride of literary horror that will infiltrate your senses and alter your perceptions forever.

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