Book: If I'd Killed Him When I Met Him…

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If I'd Killed Him When I Met Him…: An Elizabeth Mac Pherson Novel

Author: Sharyn McCrumb
Publisher: Ballantine Books

For forensic anthropologist Elizabeth MacPherson, solving mysteries hardly seems the fun it used to be—even if she is the official private investigator for her brother Bill’s fledgling Virginia law firm. Then Bill and his feminist firebrand partner, A. P. Hill, take on two complex cases that will require Elizabeth’s special participation.

Eleanor Royden, a perfect lawyer’s wife for twenty years, has shot her ex-husband and his beautiful late-model wife in cold blood. And Donna Jean Morgan finds herself married to a Bible-thumping bigamist who has the nerve to die in circumstances that implicate his wife.

A. P. does her damnedest for Eleanor, an abused wife in denial, and Bill gallantly defends Donna Jean. Meanwhile, Elizabeth’s forensic expertise, including her special knowledge of poisons, gives her the most challenging case of her career.

As questions of wife abuse and abandonment emerge in the court of public opinion, Elizabeth becomes a war correspondent in the battle of the sexes—a battle as old as the hills and unlikely to reach a truce any time soon….

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