Book: Inside Out

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Inside Out

Author: John Ramsey Miller
Publisher: Dell

The Justice Department is hunting Sam Manelli, the godfather of one of America’s biggest crime families. Now an execution gone bad hands the government the ammunition they need. But they can’t do it without Dylan Devlin, the sociopathic hit man whose testimony will put Manelli away for good. Haunted by the crash that killed his wife and blinded his son, U.S. Marshal Winter Massey knows that safety is only an illusion. Now a man who couldn’t protect his own family has to keep a killer and his wife alive—at any cost.

But when the government’s witness protection program explodes in a horrifying hail of bullets and blood, Massey knows he’s up against a killer who can go anywhere, be anyone, and strike at any time. For Massey is about to be blindsided by an adversary more lethal than the mob, more dangerous than any psychopath—and he won’t see his killer coming…until it’s too late.


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A long dry spell followed the 1997 publication of Miller’s The Last Family, but his fans are going to be well rewarded for their patience. Winter Massey, a U.S. marshal, is assigned to a witness protection detail to guard Dylan Devlin, a sociopath hit man who is going to testify against a New Orleans mob boss. Devlin, his beautiful wife, and the detail of a half dozen marshals are safely ensconced on a remote island off the North Carolina coast that doesn’t turn out to be quite as safe as it first seems. The setting moves from there to rural Virginia to New York City to New Orleans, with bullets and bodies at every turn and the plot becoming more captivating with each page.

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