Book: Invasion of Privacy

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Invasion of Privacy: A John Francis Cuddy Mystery

Author: Jeremiah Healy
Publisher: Pocket

A woman hires Boston P.I. John Francis Cuddy to investigate her mysterious boyfriend, Andrew Dees. Cuddy obliges and finds much more than a covert Casanova. It seems that Dees bears a marked resemblance to a stoolie who disappeared after turning the feds onto the Milwaukee mob family he cooked books for. And Cuddy’s prying has the vengeful family thinking that Cuddy can lead them to the elusive Dees for a little score settling.


Healy’s creation, the reflective Boston-based private investigator John Cuddy, first caught our attention by doing homey, believable things like visiting his wife’s grave and asking her advice. Eleven books into the series, Healy still manages to mix the homey touches with moments of high drama, keeping the balance perfect. When a woman banker hires Cuddy to check on her new lover’s nonexistent past, he soon realizes the man is a protected government witness. Other writers would have left it there, but Healy builds an additional scaffold as intriguing as it is dangerous for everyone concerned. (Past Cuddy books: Act of God, Blunt Darts, Rescue, Right to Die, Shallow Graves, Foursome, So Like Sleep, Swan Dive, Yesterday’s News).

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