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Jackson Pollock: An American Saga

Author: Steven Naifeh, Gregory White Smith
Publisher: Random House Inc

Based on family letters and documents, lengthy interviews with his widow, Lee Krasner, as well as his psychologists and psychoanalysts, this book explodes the myths surrounding his death in 1956.

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Album:Pollock: Original Soundtrack

Pollock: Original Soundtrack

Jeff Beal

Internationally acclaimed painter Jackson Pollock’s work was inspired by the energy of the moment and the subliminal patterns of human thought. So too has film scorer Jeff Beal sought to integrate the many moods of the creative life in a score that combines the feeling of pastoral retreat (where Pollock did his work) with the manic-obsessive moments of divine inspiration. No better is this exemplified than in “Stroke of Genius” where a calm, lulling beginning morphs into a powerful finale. For the most part, however, this is a subdued collection.

In an…

Film:Pollock (2000)


Ed Harris

The long road to Pollock began when actor Ed Harris received a biography of Jackson Pollock from his father, who noticed that his son bore an uncanny resemblance to the artist. Harris’s fascination with Pollock matched his physical similarity; the actor chose to direct and star in this impressive film biography. And his devotion assured a work of singular integrity, honoring the artist’s achievement in abstract expressionism while acknowledging that Pollock was a tormented, manic-depressive alcoholic whose death at 44 (in a possibly suicidal car crash)…

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