Book: Jake's Tower

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Jake's Tower

Author: Elizabeth Laird
Publisher: Macmillan Children's Books
It's good that I've found this secret place. I can come here and make plans. My main plan for the future is my dream house. It's very tall and thin. A tower really. There'll be a lift to whiz me up to the top. No one can get to me up there. It's totally safe."

In real life, Jake is never safe. He lives in constant fear of his mother's violent boyfriend. But in his imaginary tower he can dream up his own father - the stranger who gave him a cuddle and a fluffy duck the day he was born and went away for ever. Jake doesn't believe dreams ever come true. But sometimes they do - in strange and surprising ways.

Jake is an unhappy little boy whose dream is to live in a tower, protected by a moat and a drawbridge. His room would be at the tower's very top, where he would always be safe and happy. In real life, Jake is never safe and he's seldom happy. He is often beaten by his mother's boyfriend, and his real father is somewhere far away. All Jake knows is that his real father gave him a cuddle and a fluffy duck on the day he was born, then went away, never to return. But that was many years ago. Finally, life becomes so unbearable for both Jake and his mother that they run away, seeking protection at the home of a formidable grandmother who has always refused to acknowledge Jake's existence. Jake's Tower is a powerful and realistic story for young readers that recounts a child's painful journey from despair to hope and love. (Ages 9-12)

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