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John Lennon: All I Want is the Truth

Author: Elizabeth Partridge
Publisher: Viking Juvenile

Award-winning biographer Elizabeth Partridge dives into Lennon’s life from the night he was born in 1940 during a World War II air raid on Liverpool, deftly taking us through his turbulent childhood and his rebellious rock’n’roll teens to his celebrated life writing, recording, and performing music with the Beatles. She sheds light on the years after the Beatles, with Yoko Ono, as he struggled to make sense of his own artistic life—one that had turned from youthful angst to suffocating fame in almost a split second.

Partridge chronicles the emotional highs and paralyzing lows Lennon transformed into brilliant, evocative songs. With striking black-andwhite photographs spanning his entire life, John Lennon: All I Want Is the Truth is the unforgettable story of one of rock’s biggest legends.


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National Book Award finalist biography and children’s book author Elizabeth Partridge crafts an affectionate, intimate biography of the late great Beatle John Lennon. She offers especially poignant descriptions of Paul McCartney’s first appearance in John’s life (“His white sports jacket was shot through with metallic threads that sparkled in the sunlight, his black drainies tight, his hair carefully Brlycreemed into a ‘duck’s arse.’ ”) and the experience of living inside the madness of Beatlemania.

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