Book: Justin and the Best Biscuits in the World

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Justin and the Best Biscuits in the World

Author: Mildred Pitts Walter
Publisher: Yearling

Ten-year-old Justin thinks housework is for women, until he's invited to his grandfather's ranch. There, along with fishing, riding, and going to the rodeo, Justin learns about his black cowboy ancestors and that doing "women's work" - even baking prize-winning biscuits - is part of taking care of himself.


Sure, he can catch a greased pig at a local rodeo, but can he bake biscuits? Ten-year-old Justin struggles to "feel like a guy" in a family dominated by females. When he goes to spend a week at his grandfather's ranch, he discovers there's more to being a man than riding horses and tending to livestock. There's also cleaning up messes, making beds and, from time to time, baking biscuits - good biscuits. Along with its lighthearted treatment of gender conflict, this story, which won the 1987 Coretta Scott King Award, provides a look at the little-known history of the black cowboys who helped settle the West and create rodeos.

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