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Killer Books: A Reader's Guide to Exploring the Popular World of Mystery and Suspense

Author: Jean Swanson, Dean James
Publisher: Prime Crime

Winner of the Agatha Award for Best Mystery Nonfiction, By a Woman’s Hand was “a tour de force of a reference source on contemporary women mystery writers” (Nancy Pickard). Now Jean Swanson and Dean James have written a mystery guide with even broader appeal-by reflecting current trends in film, television, and mainstream fiction.

Killer Books is the perfect guide for discovering favorite mystery writers based upon readers’ personal preferences. For instance: If you liked the movies The Silence of the Lambs or The Usual Suspects, or TV’s “The X-Files” or “Murder, She Wrote,” this cross-referenced sourcebook will guide you to the types of writers and books you’d most enjoy. Brilliantly organized and indexed, with complete descriptions, author profiles and awards, Killer Books is the mystery guide that lets you navigate the maze of mystery-and find the books that you’ll like best. Includes special sections on: • cops • private eyes • legal thrillers • psychological suspense • historical mysteries • romantic suspense • capers and criminals • amateur sleuths • reporters, writers, filmmakers • sci -fi/horror mysteries • and more.


More like a chatty, knowledgeable, and opinionated friend than a fact-packed encyclopedia, Killer Books is the perfect place to start a newcomer to the genre on the road to addiction. If they like history, they can turn to a section called “Historical Mysteries” and find recommendations for dozens of authors—from Bruce Alexander’s books about Sir John Fielding to Robert Van Gulik’s Judge Dee series—as well as side trips to films (The Name of the Rose) and television shows (Sherlock Holmes Mysteries). Other sections on everything from “Suspense/Psychological” to “Amateur Sleuths” contain hundreds of similar links.

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