Book: Last Seen in Aberdeen

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Last Seen in Aberdeen: A Sergeant Mornay Mystery

Author: M.G. Kincaid
Publisher: Pocket

After the events of The Last Victim in Glen Ross, the image-conscious authorities have branded CID Sergeant Mornay a hero- a label he would rather shun. But when Mornay is assigned the high-profile case of a young boy’s disappearance, his best efforts fail: the murdered boy’s body is found not far from his home.

While wading through a list of evasive suspects, Mornay’s own life threatens to come undone when his long-estranged father becomes a prime suspect in a heroin smuggling case- a situation made worse by the unwelcome return of a bitter adversary to the Grampian Police department.

Now, with both his career and his father’s life on the block, Mornay must overcome all obstacles- both professional and person- in the hunt for a child killer…

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