Book: Last Train from Kummersdorf

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Last Train from Kummersdorf

Author: Leslie Wilson
Publisher: Faber

Germany, 1945. The Russian armies are closing in. When Hanno Frisch sees his twin brother killed, he's had enough. On the run, he meets streetwise Effi. She's on her way to the West to find her father, who's in the US Army. Effi's learned the hard way that she must keep secrets to herself - and she's even less keen to trust Hanno when she finds out he's a policeman's son. But there are far more dangerous people on the road: Russian soldiers, German deserters - and Major Otto, who likes to play games with people before he kills them.

This exceptional tale of courage, ingenuity, and the remarkable bonds formed during wartime will keep you gripped right up to the very last page.

Set against the background of Nazi Germany in the final days of World War II, this is the story of Hanno, a boy on the run from invading Russians and from the fruitless defence of Berlin. Haunted by memories of his brother's death, he is trying to reach Frankfurt and his remaining family.

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