Book: Legwork

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Legwork: A Casey Jones Mystery

Author: Katy Munger
Publisher: Avon

She’s smart, talented and durable, but Casey Jones has had more than her share of bad luck in her life—including a short stretch in a Florida pen that haunts her still. In Raleigh, N.C., where Casey now lives, a prison record means no private investigator’s license. So she’s doing legwork for legit p.i. Bobby D—a blimp-sized eating machine with a bad toupee, who exercises few muscles below the jawline.

Casey’s latest assignment is to guard Senatorial hopeful Mary Lee Masters—a tough-as-nails politico with a reputation for perfection and a long list of adversaries, including one who just dumped a shotgunned corpse into the candidate’s Jeep. With her campaign on the horizon, Mary Lee turns to Casey for help—the kind that soon has the unlicensed sleuth swimming in an unsavory southern stew of treachery and dirty politics…with a large pinch of murder thrown in for flavor.

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