Book: Little Soldier

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Little Soldier

Author: Bernard Ashley
Publisher: Orchard Books

For Kaninda, being in London is like being held captive—he's got to do everything he can to escape back to his home country of Lasai in Africa. Lasai is where Kaninda's every thought lies, with the revenge that must be taken against the warriors who entered his home one day and gunned down his family. They thought Kaninda was dead, too. But he is very much alive, staying silent, like a good soldier. As he plans his escape from London, he must fight on another front—a gang war that is drawing him in. Kaninda was trained to be a soldier. But can he live away from war?

Taken from Africa to a foster home in London after his family is killed by an enemy tribe, Kaninda discovers the meaning of hate and the value of not hating.

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