Book: Lou Gehrig

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Lou Gehrig: The Luckiest Man

Author: David A. Adler, Terry Widener
Publisher: Voyager Books

This biography traces Gehrig’s life, from childhood through his illustrious career with the Yankees to his struggle with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and his tragic death at age thirty-seven. Expressive illustrations capture the strength, modesty, and dignity for which this remarkable man will always be remembered.


The story of Lou Gehrig, the heroic Yankee who battled with ALS, was inspirational far beyond Yankee Stadium. David Adler’s spare biography tells Gehrig’s story just as the athlete lived: with unassuming simplicity. It’s a wise choice, since the story is so affecting on its own. Another wise choice was Adler’s decision to remain vague about the details of Gehrig’s illness. The story is no less affecting without them, and probably contains enough sadness for any child. As good as this book is, Terry Widener’s illustrations multiply its impact enormously.

[Recommended for ages 5-9. Older siblings will probably be willing to hang around to hear it though.]

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