Book: Lucifer's Hammer

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Lucifer's Hammer

Author: Larry Niven, Jerry Pournelle
Publisher: Del Rey

Monumental devastation will sweep across the globe if the newly discovered Hamner-Brown comet collides with the one major obstacle in its path: Earth. For millionaire Tim Hamner, the comet is a ticket to immortality. For filmmaker Harvey Randall, it’s a shot at redeeming a flagging career. And for astronauts John Baker and Rick Delanty, it’s a second chance for glory in outer space. But for a world gripped by comet fever, fascination quickly turns to fear. And only those who survive the impact will know the even greater terror, when rich and poor, politicians and killers, turn to each other or against each other—and the remnants of humanity grow savage to battle for what little remains…

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