Book: Malarkey

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Author: Keith Gray
Publisher: Red Fox

Brook High is a great grey concrete ants' nest of a school. John Malarkey is the new kid, thrown in at the deep end of Year 11. He's the wrong person in the wrong place at the wrong time. Through what at first appears to be a random meeting, he helps a girl called Mary Chase out of tricky situation, but is subsequently accused of stealing report cards to sell to students so they can write their own bogus reports. He quickly realises it was all a set-up, and that he's been used to take the fall. The teacher who accuses him of the crime gives him one day to prove his innocence.

Malarkey tries to track down Mary Chase, but it's difficult in such a huge school. He does, however, discover strange goings-on beneath the surface of the school. There's the fixed football matches, with threats of violence to the team's star player. There's the homework club where money changes hands. There are teachers willing to take bribes. The more questions he asks, the deeper he becomes involved in the corrupt under-belly of the school. He's noticed the peculiar fact that so many kids at Brook wear Adidas trainers - black with the three white stripes. He realises that these are the badge of membership worn by those involved in the school's 'mafia', and that there's a hierarchy. The more stripes someone has blacked-out, the higher up the ranks they are. He discovers that the name of the organisation's leader is Freddie Cloth, and Mary Chase turns out to be Cloth's girlfriend.

Malarkey is soon noticed for asking so many questions, and receives warnings and then threats to back down. But, with time quickly running out for him, he still has to prove his innocence. And, the only way to do this is to get to Freddie Cloth.

A gutsy, gripping and realistic story about corruption at a high school.

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