Book: Masque

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Author: F. Paul Wilson, Matthew J. Costello
Publisher: Aspect

Tristan is the perfect spy. He’s a “mime,” an artificially created and cloned human who’s metamorphic DNA can be programmed to transform him into a “masque”—a perfect genetic copy of anyone. Mimes can be turned into anyone their corporate city-state owners want, until the stress of assuming masques causes a meltdown. Earning Selfhood—citizenship and a permanent form—is a mime’s sole hope for survival.

Tristan is one mission away from Selfhood. His assignment is to enter the heart of the enemy corporation’s nerve center, steal top-secret data, and escape through a lawless surreal hell of psychopathic cults and mutant undergrounds. At stake in his assignment is a looming holocaust that can bring destiny—or genocide—to an entire race.

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