Book: Monster Behind the Wheel

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Monster Behind the Wheel

Author: Michael McCarty, Mark McLaughlin
Publisher: Delirium Books

As a child, young Texan Jeremy Carmichael fell from a Ferris wheel at a carnival. He landed on a beautiful young woman and his fall was broken. Unfortunately, so was the woman’s spine.

Years later, Jeremy is injured in a car accident while delivering pizzas. The accident opens the gates between the worlds of the living and the dead, awakening a malevolent supernatural presence—the spirit of cruel Frank Edmonson. Frank had been the policeman who’d arrived at the scene of the carnival accident, years earlier. The woman who’d died had been Frank’s lover.

Frank wants revenge on Jeremy and wishes to re-enter the world of the living by taking over the young man’s body. Jeremy finds himself visiting the realm of the dead in dreams and visions. But is that Frank’s doing, or is there another reason…? In his dreams, Jeremy is repeatedly drawn to the River of Time, which flows through the land of the dead.

Frank has a cunning master plan which involves a sleek, deadly muscle-car called Monster. Frank uses the car to gain control over Jeremy’s life. But what Frank doesn’t know is that Jeremy isn’t your average pizza delivery boy….

Soon all Hell breaks loose—literally. This novel is a surreal helter-skelter ride of thrills, humor, lust, gut-wrenching horror, and cosmic awe.

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