Book: Mystery! A Celebration

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Mystery! A Celebration: Stalking Public Television's Greatest Sleuths

Author: Ron Miller, P.D. James, Edward Gorey, Karen Sharpe
Publisher: Kqed Books

The spine-tingling delights of PBS’s popular Mystery! programs are gathered in this large-format, richly illustrated book. The best of this program’s years are collected in photos, posters, reminiscences, commentary, analysis, essays, and reviews of the shows and the genre itself. Edward Gorey’s ghastly illustrations are sprinkled liberally throughout the book as are quotes from the actors and directors.


Simply put, Mystery! A Celebration is a beautiful book. For any fan who has been captivated by the Edward Gorey cartoons, the erudite words of Vincent Price and Diana Rigg, or the tastefully assembled mysteries that make up the beloved PBS series, the volume (as P.D. James writes in the foreword) “will give immense pleasure.” The book begins with a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the early years of the series and includes an interview with Gorey, comments by Diana Rigg, and parting words from Vincent Price. The centerpiece, however, is the complete record of Mystery! episodes from 1980-1997, with in-depth coverage of all the major detective characters and “denizens of the dark side,” from Sherlock Holmes to Sweeney Todd. Color and black-and-white photographs grace almost every page, and key series are followed by a bibliography and profiles of the actors and authors. A 100-question quiz and a list of show credits close the book. The only disappointment: realizing the quality episodes you have missed. —Patrick O’Kelley

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