Book: Needful Things

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Needful Things

Author: Stephen King
Publisher: Signet Book

A new store has opened in the town of Castle Rock, Maine. It has whatever your heart desires…if you’re willing to pay the price. In this chilling novel by one of the most potent imaginations of our time, evil is on a shopping spree and out to scare you witless.

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Film:Needful Things

Needful Things

Fraser Clarke Heston

Stephen King adaptations are strictly hit-or-miss propositions, and this supernatural thriller from 1993 is definitely a “miss,” based on one of King’s lesser novels and starring Max von Sydow as the evil proprietor of a small-town antique shop named “Needful Things.” That’s the place where anyone can go to find the one thing they cherish the most (the town’s aging jock finds his old, high-school letterman’s jacket there, for example), but of course there’s a price for such priceless keepsakes. Yep, that’s right…von Sydow is Satan, and his customers pay for…

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