Book: No More Dead Dogs

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No More Dead Dogs

Author: Gordon Korman
Publisher: Hyperion

Ever since Wallace Wallace was little, he has faithfully told the whole truth and nothing but the truth. So when this football hero is forced to report on the book Old Shep, My Pal for his English class, he cannot tell a lie. He feels compelled to inform his teacher that it was one of the worst books he’s ever read. Why does the dog in every classic book always have to croak at the end?

Not pleased with this report is Wallace’s English teacher, who thinks it’s the best book ever written, and also happens to be directing the play Old Shep, My Pal at school. He orders Wallace to attend the play rehearsals until he can come to his senses. Wallace doesn’t change his mind—but he does start to change the play. It begins with his suggestion to add a line, and then a pair of rollerblades, until the play has evolved into a rock-and-roll rendition of the old classic.

Gordon Korman spins an engaging tale about the hilarious consequences of refusing to tell that little white lie.

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