Book: O'Dwyer & Grady Starring in: Acting Innocent

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O'Dwyer & Grady Starring in: Acting Innocent

Author: Eileen Heyes
Publisher: Aladdin


New York City, 1932. Kid actor Billy O’Dwyer’s manager may be a tough cookie, but it’s worth putting up with her to work in pictures. Everything’s swell—that is, until actress Amelia St. Augustine turns up dead, and all fingers point to Roscoe “Chubby” Muldoon, famous actor and all-around good guy. Billy’s sure Roscoe’s innocent, and Virginia Grady, Billy’s new costar, feels the same way.

— So Billy and Virginia step out of the spotlight to investigate—after all, there’s no place in the city Billy can’t charm his way into. But this mystery has no script, and the stakes are high. If these two stars guess wrong, it could mean the end…

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