Book: Old Elm Speaks

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Old Elm Speaks: Tree Poems

Author: Kristine O'Connell George, Kate Kiesler
Publisher: Clarion Books
This tree across the stream is a trickier bridge
than it might seem…

The original poems in this lovely, simple collection celebrate every aspect of trees in a variety of poetic forms including free verse, rhyme, and haiku....Kiesler's warm oil paintings beautifully complement the poems, making for a totally satisfying experience that is sure to be a favorite.

The author of The Great From Race and Other Poems has created a collection of short poems that celebrate trees and the amazing variety of ways they touch our lives. Deceptively simple verses reveal what trees think about and what they say to one another, as well as how they look and all the things they do for us. Humor and an unerring ear for the sounds of language make these poems an irresistible read-aloud; the luminous oil paintings evoke a country setting and the children who enjoy it through the year.

A collection of short, simple poems which present images relating to trees in various circumstances and throughout the seasons.

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