Book: One Day As A Tiger

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One Day As A Tiger

Author: Anne Haverty
Publisher: Ecco

The last two turbulent decades of the British Raj in India is the exciting setting for an unusual saga of romance and colour imaginatively conceived by an author who lived there at the time. Not another story about India? Yes, because India has the wealth of material to support new writers till the end of time. Seen through new eyes, another rich Indian feast is spread before you. Sadhus and snake charmers, sorcerers and secret, service agents, weave an unusual tale, set in the romantic era of the British Raj. A God descends to earth in human form, taking us from forests inhabited by cobras and tigers to the opulent palaces of wealthy Maharajas. We are escorted through the “Valley of the Gods”, and introduced to violence and black magic before the chilling conclusion.

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