Book: Pallas

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Author: L. Neil Smith
Publisher: Tor Books

Barely surviving a harrowing escape from a prison colony, Emerson Ngu shoots, talks, and invents his way into becoming the hero of Curringer, a libertarian paradise on the terraformed asteroid, Pallas.

Everything that Emerson stands for—freedom, success and rugged individualism—burns in stark contrast to the oppressive doctrine upheld by former US Senator Gibson Altman and his Greeley Project, the prison colony from which Emerson escaped. According to Altman’s plan, everyone in Greeley must toil at some appointed task for the common good. But the plan isn’t working. While Atlman lives in luxury and ease, his flawed utopian breeds crime and despair.

Driven by a fierce hatred and envy of Emerson’s triumphant rise, a desperate Altman will let nothing—not even his own daughter’s happiness as Emerson’s wife—thwart his hideous revenge. Fueled by the power of true belief, Altman lashes out at all that Emerson holds dear…Will Pallas survive?

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