Book: Pants

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Author: Giles Andreae, Nick Sharratt
Publisher: David Fickling Books

Before you know it, this book will have you singing and dancing and waving your knickers in the air! A celebration of PANTS - for everyone who wears them. and everyone who doesn't!

A hilarious collaboration about underwear by Giles Andreae and Nick Sharratt.


Based on the universal truth that all children (and quite a few adults) find pants hysterically amusing, Pants by Purple Ronnie creator Giles Andreae is an unashamedly silly celebration of "smalls" big and small.

Written in the style of a playground rhyme, Pants is illustrated by prolific children's illustrator Nick Sharratt in his trademark bold, colourful style. Andreae and Sharratt's imaginations have evidently run wild with the collection on offer here, including "lighting up at night pants" and "special pants for driving the car", modelled by animal characters as well as people. Frilly, jewel-encrusted, baggy, psychedelic, every conceivable type of pants is here.

Pants is a frivolous, fun read suitable for children aged two upwards.--Alison Drury

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