Book: Pirate Diary

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Pirate Diary

Author: Richard Platt, Chris Riddell
Publisher: Walker Books

A rollicking account of pirate life by the creators of the acclaimed Castle Diary.

The twenty-third of September, 1716 I write this on my last day at home. Tomorrow I am to join my Uncle Will aboard his ship and become A Sailor. Will has told me of sea monsters and mermaids and has sailed through a hurricane. Maybe I shall see these things For Myself!

Nine-year-old Jake Carpenter does indeed see all this—and more, when his ship, the Greyhound, is captured by pirates and he embarks on an exciting new life on the wrong side of the law. Follow his adventures in this swashbuckling account of pirate life, by the creators of the acclaimed Castle Diary.

Starting in 1716, this describes the adventures of nine-year-old Jake. When pirates capture his ship, Jake finds himself embarking on a new life, on the wrong side of the law. He takes part in a treasure raid, encounters a sea monster, endures a terrible storm and learns about the pirate code.


Pirate Diaryis a fantastic adventure-come-factual book about piracy, and tells the story of young Jake as he takes to the high seas on a pirate ship. Through his diary, children get up close and personal to pirates - good and bad - in a high-flying tale that leaves no stones unturned yet manages to educate while becoming increasingly, breathtakingly exciting.

Chris Riddell and Richard Platt were celebrated for their award-winning Castle Diary: this superb book, ideal for even the most reluctant readers, continues their success and deserves every accolade it can get. Children will love it, teachers will love it, and parents will enjoy the peace and quiet that comes with having a child absorbed in a jolly good book. (Ages 7 and over.) - Susan Harrison

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