Book: Pitchblende

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Author: Bruce Boston
Publisher: Dark Regions Press

Pitchblend by Bruce Boston collects thirty-two new and previously published poems. Selected and with an Introduction by Michael Arnzen. Illustrated by Marge Simon.

Poems included are “Flesh Bone Blood,” “The Lesions of Genetic Sin,” “Like an Addict Glowing,” “Alien Quarry,” “Pavane for a Cyber-Princess,” “The Canticles of Rage,” “In Far Pale Clarity,” “Ghost Blood,” “The Prince Comes in Velvet,” “She Was There for Him the Last Time,” and twenty-two other poems.

“…Pitchblende is radioactive. It’s a mineralized form of uranium oxide-black and hard and dangerous. It looks something like crystallized coal cracked right out of the gates of hell; it’s darker than tar and stronger than time and its lethal nature is sneaky and invisible and inescapable once you’ve touched it. Killer rock.

A fitting metaphor for the rock solid poetry of Bruce Boston. It’s scary, powerful stuff. And it’s got a half-life that will outlive you. This poetry stands the test of time…” From the introduction by Michael Arnzen

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