Book: Prison Blues

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Prison Blues

Author: Anna Salter
Publisher: Pocket

Eight months pregnant: a time when most women would want to stay off their feet. But forensic psychologist Michael Stone is no ordinary woman. When her old friend, the warden at Nelson’s Point Correctional Facility, asks her to replace a psychologist who was leading the sex offender therapy group, Michael can’t say no. As she soon discovers, her predecessor was dismissed for having sexual relations with an inmate—and had befriended a smooth-talking prisoner in her group…a prisoner who now has his eyes on Michael. When violence erupts, leaving one inmate dead and one official in a coma, all eyes are trained on Michael’s group. With no witnesses or weapons to be found, Michael races against the clock—armed only with her knowledge of the psychopathic mind—to uncover a vicious criminal network that might extend far beyond the prison walls…

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