Book: Projection: Encounters with My Runaway Mother

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Projection: Encounters with My Runaway Mother

Author: Priscila Uppal
Publisher: Dundurn Group Ltd

In 1977, Priscila Uppal’s father swallowed contaminated water in Antigua, and within 48 hours was a quadriplegic. Priscila was two years old. Five years later, her mother, Theresa, drained the bank accounts, including those of her two children, and disappeared to Brazil. After attempting to abduct her children twice, Priscila’s mother had no further contact with the family.

Twenty years later, Priscila happened upon the website of a well-known Brazilian film critic, who turned out to be her estranged mother and, a few weeks later, she summoned the nerve to contact the woman who’d abandoned her as a child. After a few awkward phone calls and e-mails, a trip was arranged.

Projection is the story of this mother-daughter meeting in the exotic country of Brazil; of how two strangers spent ten days together trying to build a relationship, connected only by blood and a love of the movies. Their intensely emotional reunion was as alternately shocking, hopeful, humorous, devastating, and dramatic as any blockbuster Hollywood production could hope to be.

Projection looks at one very unusual mother-daughter relationship and asks the questions: What kind of woman does a motherless daughter become? Is it possible to recover from decades of absence, if both sides are willing? What traits do we inevitably share with our parents? And what is the consequence of a second rejection?

Emotionally insightful, Uppal’s touching personal story offers genuine comfort to all those facing their own turbulent and unresolved familial relationships.

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