Book: Revenge of the Whale

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Revenge of the Whale: The True Story of the Whalesip Essex

Author: Nathaniel Philbrick
Publisher: Puffin Books

On November 20, 1820, the whaleship Essex was rammed and sunk by an angry whale. Within minutes, the twenty-one-man crew, including the fourteen-year-old cabin boy Thomas Nickerson, found themselves stranded in three leaky boats in the middle of the Pacific Ocean with barely any supplies and little hope. Three months later, two of the boats were rescued 4,500 miles away, off the coast of South America. Of the twenty-one castaways, only eight survived, including young Thomas.

Based on his New York Times best-seller In the Heart of the Sea, Nathaniel Philbrick recreates the amazing events of the ill-fated Essex through the sailors’ own first-hand accounts, photos, maps, and artwork, and tells the tale of one of the great true-life adventure stories.


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Nathaniel Philbrick retells for teenage readers his National Book Award winner, In the Heart of the Sea. The narrative could hardly be more gripping: The whaleship Essex is rammed and sunk by an angry whale, stranding the ship’s 20-man crew (including several teenagers) in three leaky boats. Reconstructed from firsthand accounts, including the notes of 15-year-old cabin boy Thomas Nickerson, Revenge of the Whale sustains excitement from first page to last.

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