Book: Savage Art

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Savage Art: A Biography of Jim Thompson

Author: Robert Polito
Publisher: Vintage Books USA

Jim Thompson wrote some of the darkest, boldest, and most celebrated modern crime novels, including The Grifters and The Killer Inside Me. In Savage Art, Robert Polito provides the first comprehensive biography of this brilliant American original. Combining exhaustive research with novelistic fluency, Polito reproduces the vital textures of Thompson’s world and provides the first thorough chronicle of his private and public history, tracing Thompson’s dramatization of his innermost life in the “savage art” of his surprisingly personal novels. A vivid and compelling reclamation of a lost American writer, Savage Art is also a stunning addition to the literary annals of twentieth-century America.


Jim Thompson was one of the greatest crime novelists ever, leaving behind a legacy of hard-boiled classics like The Grifters and The Getaway. Robert Polito has written the definitive biography of this brilliant American original. Winner of the National Book Critics Circle Award for biography.

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