Book: Savage Season

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Savage Season

Author: Joe R. Lansdale
Publisher: Mysterious Press

Hap and Leonard are two friends who are always looking for a fast buck. So when Hap’s old flame, Trudy, waltzes back into town with a money-making scam, it sounds easy—a quick dive into the icy Sabine River for a half-million dollars in lost hold-up money. But things go bad, and when Hap and Leonard meet Soldier, they know they’ve entered a nightmare with no escape.


Start with two best friends who practice martial arts in their free time: one a straight white guy, the other a black gay guy. Add a conniving ex-wife in a blue-jean miniskirt. Throw in half a million in a muddy creekbed somewhere near the Sabine River in East Texas. Add an ex-radical from the ‘60s and two naive idealists who want to save the world. Mix them all together in a half-assed plan, season with double-crosses, and then top it off with a hilarious and chilling drug dealer named Soldier. Bloody mayhem a la Lansdale.

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