Book: Send Me Down a Miracle

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Send Me Down a Miracle

Author: Han Nolan
Publisher: Harcourt Paperbacks

Things used to be normal in Casper, Alabama. Charity Pittman was a regular fourteen-year-old, the perfect daughter, following in her preacher father’s footsteps. But then Adrienne arrived, with her big-city ways and artsy ideas. Reverend Pittman thinks she’s the devil incarnate. Charity thinks she’s amazing.

But no one knows what to think of Adrienne when she claims she’s seen Jesus.

In the heartening and humorous book that made the National Book Award shortlist, Han Nolan visits a small town that’s praying for a miracle but heading for disaster.


There’s a startling, almost itchy moment in every adolescent’s life when she or he first realizes that adults are fallible. Yet, for 14-year-old Charity, the revelation is even more profound: not only is her dad (the town’s preacher) merely wrong about the eccentric Adrienne Dabney, he’s dang-blasted and over-the-top wrong. Although she’s always been a perfect preacher’s daughter, Charity is about to shock the whole town by standing up to her father, proving him wrong in front of God and everyone. This riveting and acclaimed novel will resonate with any teen who has ever wanted to knock a little bit of sense into a parent’s head!

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