Book: Sentinels

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Sentinels: A “Nameless Detective” Novel

Author: Bill Pronzini
Publisher: Carroll & Graf Publishers

Led by circumstances to accept the kind of case he dislikes—a “worried mother job”—”Nameless” reluctantly agrees to investigate the strange disappearance of college student Allison McDowell and her mysterious new boyfriend while on a driving strip from Oregon to San Francisco. The young couple vanished suddenly and without a trace after their car broke down and they were forced to spend a night in the tiny village of Creekside, in the remote Northwestern corner of California.

When “Nameless” travels to Creekside and begins to question the locals, he encounters apparent apathy, hostility, and mounting evidence that suggests the couple may have met with foul play. Is one or more of the inhabitants of Creekside responsible? Is it Allison’s boyfriend, whose identity is unknown even to her mother? Or is it forces of a far more sinister nature?

“Nameless’s” search takes him to Eugene, Oregon and then back to the Northern California wilderness. And it leads him from what seems to be a simple disappearance to a complex conspiracy of evil, one which reaches far beyond this remote backwater and threatens to destroy him as well before he can expose the truth.


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Continuing the popular series of novels, the “Nameless Detective” travels to a tiny northern California village to investigate what seems to be a simple disappearance, only to uncover a complex and far-reaching conspiracy of evil that threatens to destroy him.

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