Book: Serenity Falls

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Serenity Falls

Author: James A. Moore
Publisher: Meisha Merlin Pub

Welcome to Serenity Falls; make yourself at home.

The people here are friendly enough and certainly glad to make your acquaintance…so long as you don’t ask too many questions about their pasts or about the town. They’ve got secrets, you see, like most small towns do. And they have their share of troubles as well…

Oh, the town is doing better since the quarry reopened, bringing rebirth to Serenity and prosperity to people who’d almost given up hope; and the new folk coming around, drawn by the promise of financial success, seem pleasant enough for the most part. But there’s that poor man who got himself torn apart by a pack of feral hunting dogs, and the girl who says her boyfriend is the one who took her out into the woods and did his best to kill her. There are all the children who’ve disappeared, and others who’ve begun acting very strangely. And there’s the problem at the cemetery, where somebody has been tearing up the peaceful surroundings and dragging the dead from what was supposed to be there final resting places. Those sorts of incidents leave the locals a little worried, as you can well imagine.

And not all of the visitors are here seeking prosperity. There’s that stranger, Jonathan Crowley, who keeps poking around, asking all the wrong questions and causing no end of grief. And the parapsychologists who’ve come to talk to the boy whose friends say he’s possessed. It’s hard to keep your secrets buried when there are so many people who seem determined to dig them up.

Or maybe there’s something more to it. Maybe some secrets aren’t meant to be kept. Maybe some towns aren’t meant to survive.

The truth will be known.
The past will be revealed.
Vengeance will be had.
Every Soul Will Scream.


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