Book: Shadows of Sin

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Shadows of Sin: A Jessie Drake Mystery

Author: Rochelle Krich
Publisher: William Morrow & Company

One of the “top ten women who write superior crime fiction” (Charles Champlin, mystery reviewer for the Los Angeles Times), Rochelle Krich propels her exceptional sleuth, LAPD homicide detective Jessie Drake, into a deadly maze of rage, revenge, and moral complexities in what is the award-winning author’s most gripping and provocative novel to date.

At first glance it appears to be a random multiple murder—a prominent plastic surgeon and his nurse and receptionist shot dead in their plush Century City office. But to Jessie Drake, the savage nature of Dr. Ronald Bushnell’s fatal wounds suggests a crime of intense passion…and bitter retribution.Following her suspicions, the conscience-driven detective takes her investigation to the core of the seemingly harmonious family life of the slain surgeon. On the surface, Bushnell had everything: respect, money, a palatial home, a loving wife and daughter. But there is a joker in the deck, Bushnell’s foster son, Ethan Meissner—a troubled young loner with dark periods in his history. And the boy hasn’t been seen since the murders.Ethan’s unexplained disappearance suggests that the runaway knows something; he may be a material witness in a triple homicide or a premeditated killer…or another victim. The search for the missing teenager takes Jessie across many volatile borders—those between nations, between families, and the razor-thin one that separates love from hatred. But the truth lies somewhere in a harrowing past of tainted blood and horrific personal tragedy. The deeper Jessie ventures into this shadow world of cruelty and secrets, the more she is haunted by the echoes of a lost soul’s unanswered cry for help…and by the most heinous crime of all, in which the sins of the guilty are visited on the innocent.

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