Book: Solomon's Knife

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Solomon's Knife

Author: Victor Koman

Dr. Evelyn Fletcher is a surgeon caught in a maelstrom of controversy. She has secretly devised a surgical procedure that could alter the lives of millions. When the beautiful and successful Valerie Dalton walks into Fletcher’s office for a routine abortion, the doctor realizes that she has found the perfect experimental subject.

In another room of the same clinic wait Karen Chandler and her husband, who have sought pregnancy for years with no success. They greet Fletcher’s offer of a radically new embryo-implant procedure as a miracle. Karen, with no hesitation, agrees to undergo the questionable surgery.

When little Renata is born and then falls deathly ill, only one person can save her life. A woman who does not even know her daughter exists. Under a barrage of media scrutiny, Valerie Dalton must face the courts with her lover in an unprecedented custody battle. Ultimately, she plumbs the depths of her shattered soul to find an answer to the conflict that rages within her and all society.

Solomon’s Knife is a masterful and fiery mixture of medical thriller and courtroom drama that fuses every facet of the most violently debated issue of our age. The reality it foreshadows is only years—perhaps months—away.

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