Book: Special Delivery

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Special Delivery: A Case for Nick Polo

Author: Jerry Kennealy
Publisher: St Martins Pr

When Nick Polo made his debut, Publishers Weekly hailed the streetwise, smart-mouthed investigator “a welcome addition to the roster of California private eyes.” Since that time, Polo and his creator, Jerry Kennealy, have proved themselves more than worthy of the considerable praise they have garnered along the way. Now making his seventh appearance, following Green With Envy, Polo leaves his San Francisco home base to do a favor for an old friend.

It sounds simple enough: Fly to London to hand deliver a letter, a check, and a cassette tape to a distant cousin of Polo’s friend Raymond Singh. With first-class plane tickets, a hefty expense account, and reservations at the Ritz, how can he refuse? Raymond’s cousin Gurbeep Singh proves elusive, though, and in the process of tracking him down, the persistent detective runs into several nasty situations. As Polo delves deeper into Gurbeep’s affairs, a dark picture emerges. Undeterred, he continues an investigation that takes him from London to San Francisco and Canada and into the vicious underworld of pornography, smuggling, kidnapping, and murder.

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