Book: Steel City Confessions

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Steel City Confessions: A Mystery

Author: Thomas Lipinski
Publisher: Twilight

Nobody promised Carroll Dorsey it would be easy, slogging it out as a p.i. in a gritty town built of steel. But then, nobody knows the mean streets of Pittsburgh quite like Dorsey, who has to use his first-class wits and blue-collar instincts to dig up the kind of info that does its best to stay buried.

Parish priest Tom Crimmins denies gunning down the husband of the lovely, lascivious lady with whom he’d been having a decidedly non-celibate affair. But his motives were powerful, his alibi’s puny, and a vindictive ex-nun insists she can prove he was the murderer. What’s more, Dorsey’s become the target of a virulent vendetta: District Attorney Douglas Turner plans to use his enormous power to see that the detective he loathes loses his clients, his license…and maybe his life.

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