Book: Stop the Train

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Stop the Train

Author: Geraldine McCaughrean
Publisher: Oxford University Press

It's 1893 and for Cissy and her family, a new life beckons on the prairies of Oklahoma. Along with other settlers, they travel to Florence - a town yet to be built - and prepare for business alongside the Red Rock Railroad track. But the railroad company has other ideas. It wants to buy the land for itself - and when the settlers refuse to sell, the railroad boss swears his trains will never stop in Florence again. Without the train, there is no way the town can survive. So Cissy, her friends, family, and neighbours resolve to stop that train, come what may - by fair means or foul.

Marooned in the vast Oklahoma praires, the newly settled town of Florence relies completely on the railway line beside which it stands. When the railroad company ruthlessly and spitefully decides to bypass Florence it seems as if the settlers' livelihood and dreams must wither and die. Somehow or other, the train has to be stopped - and the people of Florence will stop at nothing until it is.

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