Book: Sunset: A John Bekker Mystery

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Sunset: A John Bekker Mystery

Author: Al Lamanda
Publisher: Five Star

Police Detective John Bekker had it all: a beautiful wife‚ a five-year old daughter and a job he loved… but all of that changed in the blink of an eye. Assigned to a special task force investigating organized crime‚ Bekker got a little too close to mob boss Eddie Crist. As a message to back off‚ Bekker’s home is invaded‚ his wife murdered and all this witnessed by his five-year-old daughter.

A decade later Bekker‚ a drunk with an institutionalized daughter‚ comes face to face with Eddie Crist‚ now near death from cancer with a final wish—to go to his grave with a clear conscience. In an ironic twist of fate‚ the man Bekker believed responsible for his wife’s death hires him to solve the decade-old murder. The outcome leaves everyone breathless.

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