Book: Tagged for Murder

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Tagged for Murder: A Molly Doyle Mystery

Author: Elaine Flinn
Publisher: Avon

Molly Doyle crossed a continent to escape trouble, but it’s becoming increasingly dangerous to be in the antiques business in her small adopted corner of California. The murder of a friend and fellow antiques dealer has shaken Molly to the core. And matters aren’t helped any by the arrival of her deceitful, long-estranged sister—who sticks around only long enough to dump Molly’s twelve-year-old niece before vanishing to parts unknown. Actually, young Emma is a bright spot in these dark days, since she’s clever, endearing, and shows a natural aptitude for antiques work.

But the very unnatural death of yet another dealer—a rather shady one this time with possible ties to Molly’s family—has the intrepid Ms. Doyle acting as sleuth once again…before a killer decides she’s the next item to be taken out of circulation permanently.

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