Book: Temporary Agency

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Temporary Agency

Author: Rachel Pollack
Publisher: Overlook Press

When Ellen was fourteen, her cousin, Paul, angered a Malignant One, and he turned to Ellen for help. And then, when things started getting out of hand, when the usual spells and charms didn’t work, and when the usual agencies didn’t want to know, she contacted Alison Birkett, the lawyer who specialised in demonic possession and corruption in the Spiritual Development Agency. And Ellen’s life was changed…


“When I was fourteen, a cousin of mine angered a Malignant One.” Ellen Pierson’s cousin Paul brings his problem and his fear to Ellen, and Ellen turns to famed investigator Alison Birkett for help. For these two novellas, Temporary Agency and Benign Adjustments, Pollack returns to the Living World. In Unquenchable Fire a character says that “there are only two things in the world. Suffering and ecstasy.” Here, Pollack explores this theme in a fast-paced, moving story as Ellen, Paul and Alison unwrap first a conspiracy of evil and then one of misguided good.

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