Book: The American Zone

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The American Zone

Author: L. Neil Smith
Publisher: Tor Books

In The Probability Broach, which won the coveted Prometheus Award for Best Libertarian Fiction, L. Neil Smith created a universe parallel to ours, in which George Washington was executed, there was no Civil War, drugs are sold in vending machines, a gorilla is President of the North American Confederacy, there is no United States, and everybody—and that means everybody—carries guns.

Now, in this much anticipated sequel to The Probability Broach, we again follow Detective Win Bear as he combats terrorists who have begun a campaign of bombings and murders that rocks his world. Since crossing over to the Confederacy from the United States in 1987, Win has found his niche, as the only detective in this alternative to the exploitative taxes, laws, and hypocrisies of the United States. Happily married and working at a job he loves, Win feels his life is complete so when innocent people start to die, Win will do what he must to prevent his home from becoming the oppressive place he escaped not long before. And that means going to the only spot in the Confederacy that harbors majoritarians, liberals, and other enemies of true Libertarian freedom…the American Zone.

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