Book: The Battle of Pollock's Crossing

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The Battle of Pollock's Crossing

Author: J.L. Carr
Publisher: The Quince Tree Press
“No, not if ten Vice-Presidents and each with two heads on his neck were coming to unveil it,” Mr.Gidner said sourly. “God willing—and I’m pretty sure he is—I never again shall set foot in your United States. Never! Guest of Honour? Honour! What has honour to do with Pollocks Crossing? And this monument you go on about!…Well, get the inscription right. What about this? Henry Fairwell and James Ardvaak Hereabouts done to death by their countrymen. July 5th 1930.”

A story recounted by an English school teacher of his experience in drought-ravaged South Dakota during the 1930’s. The conflict between the liberals and the dominant conservatism of the mid-West points out disturbing elements in the American world.

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