Book: The Boxes

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The Boxes

Author: William Sleator
Publisher: Puffin

Uncle Marco’s frequent, mysterious trips have fascinated Annie for years—he never tells anyone, even his beloved niece, where he is going or when he’ll be back. But this time is special: He leaves Annie in charge of two sealed boxes, with strict instructions not to open either one while he’s away.

As time passes, curiosity gnaws at her until she can think of virtually nothing else, even though problems dog her at both home and school. She worries especially about the evil Crutchley Development, a company that’s trying to buy her family’s house out from under them! Would it hurt to just peek inside one of the tempting, exotic boxes? But as soon as Annie does just that, an incredibly grotesque, crab-like creature scuttles out and disappears into the basement shadows. Annie is filled with an overpowering sense of dread. And when the creature almost immediately begins to multiply, she verges on panic and wonders whether opening the other box will help or hurt.

There’s just one difference between Annie and Pandora, though—for Annie, there’s no hope left. This intricately plotted sci-fi thriller takes on the human psyche as well as the very nature of time itself, bringing fans on a suspenseful journey they’ll never forget.

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